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Cost of validating in production


Cost of validating with Prestudy


Reduce the risk of developing a new product

Would your latest initiative be a worthwhile pursuit or a costly mistake? Get the answer in a cost-effective way, using a modern product development methodology that leverages rapid prototyping and pre-production validation.

1 hour call • Free of charge • No strings attached

You face hard questions ...

A person, alone, in front of a whiteboard.

Are we solving the right problem, at all? Do we have access to all relevant stakeholders? Which features would the users really need? What would be the best way to present our data? Would our customers pay for it? What technical obstacles may we stumble upon? How long will it take to launch? How much would it cost? Can I secure the investment?


If you could only have ...

Two people looking at a prototype.

A prototype that makes it easy to communicate and validate your proposed product.

A user story map.

A well-defined user story map, scoped and estimated for MVP with confidence.

A person making the product pitch.

A convincing funding pitch that helps you secure the resources needed and start production.

Well, what if I told you ...


day workshop helps the team align their product vision, and outline the prototype.


weeks of work can be enought to iterate a fully functional, demoable prototype.


user tests uncover the major issues with the prototype, and help resolve them.


dedicated people is all it takes to go through all the neccesarry stages.

I helped them succeed

Leading manufacturing company from Slovenia used my prestudy to succesfully refine the feature-set and user experience of their collaborative robot user interface.

Leading global telecom OEM used my prestudy to validate a long-tail IoT data plans' sales platform, secure funding for its development and define the initial roadmap.

Leading telecom OEM used my prestudy to pivot their IoT platform development: increasing their addressable market with a solution for easy to use, fast IoT prototyping environment.

Leading scandinavian medtech OEM used my prestudy to rapidly design, validate and develop a solution for remote ventilator view – during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don't take my word for it

It took everyone just two weeks to clarify and align on what was actually needed. It would have been impossible without early access to actual users and their working environment.
Product and team leadLeading manufacturing company from Slovenia
The detailed prototype was key to collecting feedback from respiratory technicians, and determining the scope for MVP development.
Global product manager, ICU ventilationLeading OEM in Medical tech from Scandinavia
We had over 90% success rate with the prototype demos. Potential customers were literally asking me, when they can buy the licence. It made for a great funding pitch.
Senior portfolio manager, IoT servicesLeading OEM in Telecom tech from Scandinavia

So, who am I, exactly?

Hi! I am Aljaž Vindiš (that's Al-yazh Win-dish), an internationally recognized designer & technologist from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I build humanistic data products and world-class teams behind them.

Over the last five years, I have deployed my prestudy format with numerous teams around the globe to reduce the risk of developing their new product. Latest collaborations include some of the core IoT services deployed today by tier 1 companies from Scandinavia.

I currently work as an independent product consultant to growing companies in the space of data products. I this sounds like you, we can make your own product development more cost-effective too.

1 hour intro, free of charge • No strings attached

Prestudy, in a nutshell

Think of it as an internal seed stage. In just two months, you will go from the raw idea to a fully-functional prototype, solid user validation, clear MVP production estimations, and ultimately a convincing funding pitch.

Workshop (others end here)


In-depth research


Prototype iterations


Validation rounds


Estimation & funding pitch


Two ways we can do it

A: Training

I take your team through a prestudy course, and provide feedback as they do their first. Best for teams with embedded product designers, looking to up their game with limited facilitation.

What you'll get from me
  • Free introduction call
  • Team orientation session
  • Lecture on prestudies
  • Optional reading list
  • Workflow due dilligence
  • 3 check-ins (1 per each stage)
  • 1 design review, when requested
  • Follow-up performance review

In parthership with

B: Collaboration

I embed with your team and work hands-on, facilitating delivery of each prestudy stage. Best for engineering-only teams, taking first steps into product design, while working on a real project.

What you'll get from me
  • Free introduction call
  • Team orientation session
  • Lecture on prestudies
  • Workshop facilitation & report
  • Optional reading list
  • UX research & report
  • Prototype sketches
  • High-fidelity prototype
  • UX validation & report
  • Prototype demo walkthrough
  • Technical research support
  • Production estimation support
  • Financing pitch support

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